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The number 1 Choice for Fascias, Soffits, Guttering in the Kidderminster and Surrounding Areas.

Your roofline is the most exposed and vulnerable feature of any property. It is extremely susceptible to weathering and hazards such as blocked gutters which can lead to a more rapid rot of timber fascias.

However, the Roofline Advice Centre - Kidderminster can provide the answer, a permanent cure….

Forget the worry of costly replacement of rotten timbers but also the need for replacing these features every couple of years.

By removing all of the rotting timber facia and barge board you have the choice of either the direct fix 18mm Euroboard foam replacement or the 9mm capping board profile, both of which are fixed to the new timber substrate.

It is essential to have the installation fitted correctly from the beginning to avoid any long term problems which can occur as a result of covering over the rotten timber.

To perfect the roofline replacement you can choose between a foam soffit board or hollow alternative. Both will provide you with an excellent finish and be a highlight to the installation carried out.

Overall, by replacing your roofline time you will have a strong, attractive and extremely durable presentation.

About our Roofline, Soffits, Fascias and Gutters in the Kidderminster and Surrounding areas.

Kidderminster Roofing Ltd was established on over 30 Years in the Roofline Industry. Our Main aim is to give our customers great value for money and unrivalled workmanship in the Kidderminster and surrounding areas.

We offer our customers this unbeatable value by keeping our running costs to the minimum and offer our customers a no hassle sales approach with no high pressure sales just a 15 minute quotation.

We will beat any genuine like for like quotation from a registered company in the Kidderminster area.

We offer a quality replacement uPVC Roofline System and with our experienced installation teams you know you are receiving an unrivalled service with one of the best underwritten guarantees in the Industry in the Kidderminster.  


*Complete Replacement

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